askTony – the quiz night specialists

askTony has worked with a wide range of clients since 2003 to provide quiz entertainment at conferences, after dinner events, and company socials. At each askTony quiz night we provide everything to ensure a successful quiz – quiz master, clipboards, answer paper, pens, jokers, and of course the questions.

askTony makes use of the latest technology to ensure the quiz runs smoothly. At many of our quizzes we provide computerised scoring, video questions, a powerful sound system, all run off high specification laptop computers. Errors are almost unheard of!

Your Questions Answered

Many years ago our chief quizmaster Steve worked with a man called Tony who knew everything. Or thought he did. So Steve decided to name his quiz company askTony.
Some of Tony’s rounds are very difficult to Google. If Tony sees an individual engaged in nefarious activities he has no hesitation in shaming the culprit. Beware the text message received in the middle of a quiz, it is likely to be read out.
Some of the quiz nights depicted on the TV like the scene in the Office have given quiz nights a bad image. If you come to askTony event you will get a different experience – a lively mix of music, video, interaction with the quiz master and a few jokes.
The best question is when our chief quizmaster arrives at the quiz and is asked if he would like a drink.

Our Most Popular Quiz Rounds

Tony’s Movie Round 90
Don’t Forget the Lyrics 95
A Question of Sport 85
In the News 75
General Knowledge Connections 75

Meet Our Team

A veteran of over 700 client events, our chief quizmaster Steve has asked the questions at many different venues. He likes football and does a bit of running when he can.
KarenBookings Manager
Karen looks after all bookings for askTony and will be with you from first contact to feedback after the event. In her spare time she is an award winning novellist.
CristinaSpanish Inquisition
Helping all our quiz nights run like clockwork is Cristina, who checks all the answers and deals with any drunks. Away from quiz nights she is a big fan of Atlético Madrid.